About Remix Os 

Last year at CES, It was mocked a company called Jide for creating a blatant Microsoft Surface clone. Well, this year they’ve come back with something new and they’ve also returned much richer. See, between CES 2015 and today, Jide created a Kickstarter campaign for the Remix Mini, a $70 device that can run Android on any screen with an HDMI input. It took in $1.6 million. The acknowledgement of Remix Os is as following:-

Remix OS will be made available for x86-supported (32-bit system architecture) computers – which is pretty much any desktop computer or laptop you can find, whether Linux, OS X, and Windows. For those unfamiliar, Remix OS is an Android 4.3 Jelly Bean-based operating system which supports Google Play Store. It offers multi-window support, a feature that is dearly missed on most Android devices. The company says that it will soon upgrade it to Android Marshmallow. The alpha-version of the build will be available to download from January 12.


remix os 1

On testing the Performance looks rather smooth and with a fast Processor Performance is over double that of the Galaxy Note 5. Jide seems to have created a good keyboard and mouse operating system that supports shortcuts and right clicking. This is effectively better and more efficient than Android on any tablet. It’s ultimately more feature rich than Chrome OS, too, as it has direct access to the full Play Store.

  About JIDE

Jide was founded in 2014. Jide Technology was founded by three ex-Google engineers with a mission to unlock the potential of Android in order to accelerate a new age of computing. At our core, we are a software company first with a vision to build products that empower people to be more productive in the mobile era of computing.

Remix OS will be available in the next month free of cost and will get OTA updates on a regular basis. Users will be able to install the OS on a USB 3.0 flash drive or they can make a partition and dual boot it.