Since i haven’t seen anyoen create a list for custom ROMs and kernels for Sony Xperia M so far i decided to make one. I have tested every single ROM on Sony Xperia M and will give a few small details about a few. ALl these Sony Xperia M ROMs and kernels are great and we should all respect the developers hard work. So Here i am providing you to all custom rom list of Sony Xperia M and their download link to get more detail about custom rom of Sony Xperia M single and dual sim.

  1. Xperia M Marshmallow Rom
  2. Znxt Evolution 1.0.1, a custom 4.3 ROM for Xperia M Single sim
  3. XLICIOUZ 2.0 is another 4.3 custom ROM for Xperia M single sim
  4. SPL Gaming Rom (mine and buda 1996’s ROM) is a cyanogen based kitkat 4.4.2 ROM.
  5. Xperia M ROM, 4.3 ROM which is zipaligned, deodexed and pre-rooted
  6. ICE CREAM BUBBLE, a 4.1.2 ROM which has heavily modded UI and Aroma installation.
  7. ICB for 4.2
  8. Pixel ROM 1.0, a kKitKat 4.4.2 ROM
  9. KitKat Carbon ROM Beta 1, Carbon based rom for Xperia M SS
  10. KitKat Unoffical BETA 5, port of FXP by PecanCM, last version
  11. KitKat PAC-man ROM
  12. KitKat VanirAOSP ROM
  13. KitKat HellKat ROM Beta1
  14. KitKat Liquid Smooth v3.0 Beta