HTC Desire 820S Lollipop
HTC Desire 820S Lollipop

So we are here with a new update for HTC Desire 820s Lollipop Rom. We all know that HTC Desire 820 has various variants like 820, 820q, 820s, 820g . This is why it is hard to find to install custom rom or any other update. So to be precise i am here with sure working and tested update of HTC Desire 820s Lollipop Rom, which is based on below two firmwares as listed . Thus everything is working fine and working smoothly as it is stock rom provided . Thus here is the whole procedure to install lollipop 5.0.2 on your HTC Desire 820s without wasting much time in discussion. So lets start HTC desire 820s lollipop rom installation procedure:-

PRE-REQUISITES TO BEGIN HTC desire 820s lollipop update :

  • Must keep back-up for your personal data properly and current rom
  • The battery power should be more than 75% before installing the rom.
  • Manually install USB VCOM drivers using this tutorial. (If you have already installed the drivers then skip this step).
  • Internet connection for automatic update of VCOM and Preloader drivers.
  • This Procedure will format your Internal SD Card so please backup before proceeding.


  3. Download SP Flashtool v 5.1532.00.


  1. Extract the Downloaded Lollipop Flashfile.
  2. Extract and launch flash_tool as Administrator.
  3.  Click on Scatter-loading.HTC DESIRE 820S LOLLIPOP ROM SP_1
  4. In the window that pops up, select MT6752_Android_scatter in the Lollipop Flashfile folder.HTC DESIRE 820S LOLLIPOP ROM SP_2
  5. A list with ticked boxes should appear in SP flash tool.
  6. Select Firmware Upgrade.HTC DESIRE 820S LOLLIPOP ROM SP_3
  7. Click Download.HTC DESIRE 820S LOLLIPOP ROM SP_5
  8. Stop should now be prominent while other options should be grayed out.HTC DESIRE 820S LOLLIPOP ROM SP_6
  9. Switch off your phone and wait for at least 10 seconds after it has switched off.
  10. Connect the switched off phone connect to the PC via USB cable.
  11. A progress bar should start running.HTC DESIRE 820S LOLLIPOP ROM SP_6
  12. DO NOT INTERRUPT. Wait until you get a Success message (green circle with OK).
  13.  Disconnect USB cable and switch on the phone.
  14. Thats it ! Have the taste of lollipop !





    • yes it is safe. but first take backup of your current rom and take a note of your phone variant as is it 820s or 820ts or 820us . it will help you if you want to roll back to kitkat.

  1. hello my frined.i do this way to Install lollipop on my phone.i click Download but this prog isnt work and i think becuse SP-Flash-Tool cant find my phone!!!
    i Install USB VCOM Drivers but stil i have this problam.

    • the links are working . but if you are trying in your phone then it will open in mega app because of the website where it is uploaded. try in pc then it will surely open ! 🙂

  2. Hi
    I have a HTC Desire 820s Dual SIM. I want to install the Lollipop ROM. Just one question at this point. Did you notice any drawback with this Lollipop ROM?

    Appreciate your cooperation.



      • Hi Aditya

        Yesterday I installed the D820s_LOLLIPOP_WWE ROM on my HTC 820s dual sim. The system is fast and stable but I am having weird lines in maximum brightness. Can you please tell me if you have installed the same ROM on the same phone? Is there any solution for this? And if not can I roll back to the original ROM?



  3. HI Aditya,

    There are some things I need you to tell me, first of all I’ve already tried flashing this rom from XDA and believe me it worked better then the stock rom because we all know HTC boomsound and many other features don’t work on stock rom or basically HTC Desire 820s does not support them and HTC lied it does support them just like HTC Desire 820… But when I actually flashed that XDA rom except everything was working fine, there was a problem in brightness for example at Max brightness there are some weird lines and of course you cannot use your smartphone like that, and the second problem I faced is that there was a storage issue, HTC Desire 820s have 16GB internal storage so in stock rom it is 12GB but on XDA rom it only gave me 8GB so that’s kinda very weird to think that a lollipop rom takes up to 8GB of storage for just the software o.O weird right? Well I just wanna know that your rom is not the exact copy of XDA rom..

    Thanks in Advance 🙂

    • well ! this is same copy of xda rom . and about the space well the official rom is quite big in space then you can expect also about this one . there are some minor customization/developement in the rom like htc boomsound , htc sense 7, kidmode and etc which makes this rom quite big in space .. and about the brightness after flashing .. believe me there was no issue as you mentioned , it might be some other fault because i had tried in my htc 820s and used it about 4-3 month with no issue !

      • So you mean to say I should try again but from here this time? And can you tell me what is your model? Mine is 820ts and if it’s not too much to ask can you provide a screenshot at max brightness ? I would really be glad if you do


      • Hi Ashutosh

        Yesterday I installed the D820s_LOLLIPOP_WWE ROM on my HTC 820s dual sim. The system is fast and stable but I am also having the weird lines in maximum brightness. Can you please tell me if you have installed the same ROM on the same phone?



        • Same here I tried it again yesterday and yeah the brightness problem was still there and I even took its pictures from another cellphone but here there is no option to post a screenshot …

          Another thing I took screenshots but when I set my brightness level to low the screenshots were clear no line or anything but right after I increased the brightness same thing weird lines so that is why as a proof I had to take pictures from another cellphone and on XDA there are 2 more people having brightness problem… so I just revert back to 4.4.4 and gonna sell this cellphone … just one thing only official roms or updates are good other than that they’re just useless .. thanks anyways for this guide.

          • Hi Danish

            Thanks a lot and sorry to bother you again. I have downloaded the 934 MB ROM and tried to repeat the same process. Its saying that there is a cable communication problem but I used the same cable yesterday for the Lollipop update. What to do now? 🙁


          • Yeah I realized that would happen .. when you turn off your phone and after waiting 10 sec, while connecting the cable hold volume + button until the procedure starts and when it does just release volume + button that’s all you need to do good luck and yeah sure no problem 🙂

  4. Man to setup this rom i will need custom reacovery or root ?
    And there’s No erro in this rom 2sim card will work and every thing work (no Issues) and plz tell me iwill take backup but if i lost my back up what i can do to back to offical rom?

  5. man my phone broken what i can do when i flash phone withe program i take off cabl then my phone screen black and not open what i can do?? please help me

  6. Hello Aditya Bhaiya ,Which firmware is suitable for my desire 820s because my phone’s build no. 1.20.707.2
    Please reply …

  7. hello Aditya,
    I’ve htc desire 820s Dual sim (mini). I flash my phone as here described & it’s fantastic. But my phone camera & music player settings changed & I think the settings before i’ve on v4.4.4 that was more enriched. And as I didn’t keep any backup of that version i can’t be went back. So i now searching for marshmallow v6.1. can you help me on that need……..

    thanks in advance.

  8. I have formatted my HTC desire820s all options are working but my phone’s internal memory is reduced from 16G B to 8.69GB. So my phone showing low internal memory I can’t install apps .
    Kindly suggest options to retrieve the entire internal memory

  9. Aditya Bro can you upload the firmware in different site like zippyshare, etc. Mega site is not working for me. I have tried with my friends computer too, links are not working in that pc too. PLEASE HELP 🙂

  10. I cant revert back to kitkat plzzz help when i connect data cablr it is not shown mtk6752 plzzz help i hold +volume but didnt work

  11. please help me Bro I have tried everything u said and then i unlocked the bootloader too then I tried to flash twrp now I can’t even reset my phone now everytime I tried to connect or charge my phone off there’s a error flashing “this build is for development purposes only…….. ” and then it goes to hboot. please I want to have lollipop in my phone so badly and no one knows how to help please help me

    HTC Desire 820S

  12. hi aditya bro. Can I install this rom via boot menu without computer?
    Though I’m stuck with an error named no command but in the boot menu I can choose update from sd card. please tell me if it is possible to install this rom without pc

  13. Hello Aditya
    As I was flashing my mobile with the procedures given by you.. It showed up to 92% and my lap was shutdown due to power failure. Then I tried to start up again but the phone is not responding.. it is neither charging nor starting up. Please say what to do.. I am a little tensed